Responding to their needs since 2005


Last February while Gary & Susie Enbody were in Habanero a new born baby girl passed away.  She was just one day old.  The young Mother did not even know why the baby had died.  The baby seemed fine to the Mother, but the doctors kept the baby at the hospital and sent the Mother home.  (In the DR the mother only stays at the hospital 10 hours)  The next morning the Grandfather went to the hospital to check on the baby and they said the little girl had died.  The gave the baby to him and he returned to Habanero on his motorscooter carrying the dead child.  She was laid out on a coffee table surrounded by flower petals wearing a prettly little dress that someone had brought to the Mother.  We prayed and I aked what we could do for them.  The Mother asked if we would take photos of the baby she had named Genesis Feliz "Happy Beginning".  They also needed cement for the tomb.  They had a piece of tin to make the cement top, but they needed cement.  So we purchased cement and paint.  Susie took the photos and later we had them printed and put them in a book for the family.  Yanet came to the house a little later and asked if we had any boxes to bury the child inside.  We scoured the house and finally found a box that was full of "The Jesus Movie", how fitting.  It was the perfect size.  We painted it white, allowed it to dry and then filled the back of the truck with family neighbors and friends.  Grandfather and Grandmother carried the box to the cemetary on his motor scooter.  We laid her to rest beside Gerson the baby that passed in 2005 and started my journey with the people of Habanero.