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How We Are Serving

Evergreen4kids built a school which is the center of the community. There are five classes with over 100 children ages 3-9 years old. The children are given a hot meal, clean water and vitamins every day. We also provide school uniforms, shoes and everything necessary for them to be a success at school. Our staff keeps a watchful eye on the health of the children so that we can step in when necessary and help with medical and dental care.

We aspire to make a difference in the entire village of Habanero. We start with the children, but we don't stop there!
Evergreen4kids is working to change the lives of adults through adult education and community development. We work hand in hand with individuals and community leaders to empower them to break the cycle of poverty. There are small businesses rising up in Habanero and currently we are helping a group of women build a shoe manufacturing business. By developing and investing in income-generating endeavors such as these Evergreen4kids seeks to empower people who are able to provide for themselves, their families and contribute back to their community.

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Healthcare Missions

2 -2 -2012 051.JPG

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, he dental team flew into Port Au Prince and Scott and I met them in Fonds Parisen a small Haitian village just across the Dominican border. There was plenty of work for the dental team and they put Scott and I to work as well. Scott cleaning instruments and myself helping Marika triage the incoming patients. The days were long standing on the concrete porch where we set up our mobile clinic.

We left Haiti after helping over 200 patients and drove across the border in the Dominican. We set up the clinic in a poor barrio in a small town called Cabral. We worked in a woman’ yard under a tree for shade. It was hot and dusty, but all the team members were troopers, serving everyone that came in with a smile. I estimate we saw 50 patients there before moving on to Habanero. Habanero is our home base and everyone was happy to see the Americanos arrive. We spent the evening having dinner of rice and chicken and catching up with old friends. The dental team had time to visit some of the homes of students. This was the dental team’s fifth trip to Habanero but the first that allowed time for visiting. Three of Evergreen4kids’ Board Members were on the dental team. I was happy there was finally time for them to see the entire village. The mission house where we stay is in the wealthiest area of Habanero, with cement block homes that even have toilets inside. The rest of the village is much poorer, with wooden houses with tin roof and shared outhouses. We went to Josue’s house, which is one of the children we provide monthly assistance to. The children are used to visits from Scott and I, but were very shy with the entire group being there. Still it was a treat for them to know the Americans care enough to come to their home. I can see the impact Evergreen4kids has had on this small village over the last few years. The people are much more industrious, there are vendors on the street and fruit trees producing food for the table and I believe the people have a glimpse of their own potential and hope for the future. Change is slow and our consistent presence is necessary. We are impacting this next generation of children. Slowly, but surely I see Habanero blooming……… Thanks to all the many hands that help plant the seeds…

VBS Missions


Join a Vacation Bible School Mission!

Our Vacation Bible School Mission Teams help lift spirits of the children of Habanero in many ways. Team members organize a week of classes, games and arts and crafts. At the same time building a foundation of love, peace and joy!


The cost of a 10 day trip is $1,400. The cost covers, airfare, food, lodging, ground transportation and any special projects the team schedules.


Visit Habanero and see first hand how Evergreen4kids is changing lives for tomorrow!

Education Missions

Join an Educational Mission Team!

Our Educational Missions help lift the level of education in Habanero in many ways. USA teachers visit and organize workshops for our school staff. Volunteers help with construction of bookcases, benches, tables and fences, Volunteers also help with regular maintainence of the school building.

The cost of a 10 day trip is $1,400. The cost covers, airfare, food, lodging, ground transportation and any special projects the team schedules.


Visit Habanero and see first hand how Evergreen4kids is changing lives for tomorrow!


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finished school.jpg


The New Habanero Pre-School and Kindegarten was a vision of the founder of Evergeen Ministries back in 2005.  At that time, no other pre-school options were available for these children, and consequently, when they were old enough to go to the grade-school in the next town, they were often times too far behind the other children academically to catch up.

Brenda consulted with Roberto in the planning stage as they worked together to visualize God's plan for this small village.   Roberto is a local Dominican.  At the age of six years old, Roberto and his mother moved to the United States where he learned English and eventually his trade as an artist and electrician.




School Layout_0.JPG


The Habanero Pre-School and Kindegarten is a simple, very functionally designed brick block building with three classrooms for teaching. The floor layout plan was designed by Brenda Backes and Roberto Gonzalez, literally on the back of a napkin. With running water and restrooms, this building is considered very state of the art for its accomodations in this area.



From Bricks to Books


Many of the villagers, children included, helped in the building of the school. Construction started the first week of December 2005 and was completed on-schedule and just in time for the next school year. The first classes were held the last week of August 2006.



Early Construction - January 2006


The school is located in the newer part of the village. It is surrounded by fields and trees. In the morning and the evening you can watch as a local farmer herds his cattle through the school yard to a nearby grazing area.


build school_0.JPG



the men painting.jpg


The colors of the school were chosen by Roberto Gonzalez. Painting day was one of the most exciting days of the project and everyone watched the grey bricks transform into a beautiful yellow, white, pink and salmon school house. There is not another more beautiful building for miles around.



The finished school is a beautiful addition to this small village - and a constant, visual reminder to the people of the love and caring of those that God has called to minister to THEM! The school serves as the heart of the community and it is a source of pride for the people of Habanero.

paint school_1.jpg



Children Lined Up for School
Dominican October 06 029_0.jpg


The school currently accomodates 45 children in three classes - 3-year olds, 4-year olds, and kindergarten.   See more student pictures, click here . . .






The children and the teachers enjoy decorating the classrooms with lots of colors and the children's artwork!




hard at work classroom_0.jpg


The pre-schoolers (ages 3 & 4) participate in a curriculum developed by the organization that manages the school in next town, which is where these children will continue their grade school education. For the kindergarteners, a curriculum designated by the government is being used.



Lunch - Mmm, Mmm Good!!!


Many of the children's families lack the ability to provide nutritional meals for their children on a regular basis.   Evergreen provides a daily lunch for the school children.   The children enjoy a sandwich of meat and cheese and all the milk they can drink.   Clean drinking water is also available at the school.

2 boys lunch.jpg





After lunch, the children enjoy a short recess. However, at a mere 15 minutes, they barely have time to get to first base in their favorite sport - Baseball! Baseball is loved by every boy and girl and every young man dreams of playing in the Major Leagues in the USA.



The Staff
the staff.JPG


The school staff is composed of residents of the town of Habanero. They are paid by Evergreen Ministries. From left to right - Candido is a Pastor and our kindergarten teacher. Feliz and Carmen are the feeding and clelaning staff. Maria teaches the 3 year olds. Roberto is the school Administrator and Yaneth teaches the 4 year olds. Our staff is dedicated to educating and nurturing these children. We are grateful for each one of them.